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Science Program

Middle School Science Curriculum

The St. Francis of Assisi Middle School Science Curriculum follows the Science guidelines of the Archdiocese of Arlington.  Sixth graders study and explore Earth Science and General Science.  Seventh graders delve into Life Science, and Eighth graders learn the principles of Physical Science. 

At St. Francis, Science is studied utilizing an inquiry process.  Through experimentation, projects and group cooperation, the middle school student attains a mastery level in the use of the Scientific method.  The Science courses support students in becoming life-long learners who grow in their understanding of the nature of science and the world.  The rules of observation, exploration and appreciation of God’s creations are fostered.  These concepts not only assist the student to master the content of the particular science emphasis, but also allow them to grow into good citizens who have the tools to make sound decisions.

Technology is used to support learning.  Students will use an array of multi-media for learning, and they will frequently use the Internet for investigation, sharing, and discovering answers to science questions.

Seventh and Eighth graders participate in a formal Science Fair at the School level.  Sixth graders have an equally vigorous science project near the end of the year with the majority of the experimentation and preparation accomplished in the classroom under the supervision of the teacher.


Mr. Scott Larrabee

Mrs. Maggie Harrigan