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Mission Statement

St. Francis of Assisi School serves the parish community by providing a traditional Catholic education for children in preschool through eighth grade, an education that emphasizes moral standards of conduct and integrity. The school gives first priority to its students' spiritual development. Through daily religious instruction, weekly opportunities for worship, and the integration of religious values throughout the curriculum, children are encouraged to develop a vital personal relationship with Christ and to appreciate the dignity and worth of all God's children. Children are also given many opportunities to fulfill their apostolic role in building the Kingdom of God and to assume their Christian responsibility to promote social justice through projects in the school, the parish, and the community. Teachers and their students strive to model the behavior of Christ, especially in their interactions with one another within the school family.

Intellectual growth is fostered by stressing achievement in educational basics, recognizing individual differences, and enriching the curriculum with a computer program, music, Spanish, and art classes. Teachers work to inspire an eagerness to learn, and a love of knowledge that goes beyond the acquisition of facts and skills, to critical and evaluative truth-seeking. Children are encouraged to view the history of human culture as dynamic, and to seek their own creative place in it.

Social, emotional, and physical development of the student is also addressed through various programs that contribute to the development of the whole person by promoting self-confidence, self-discipline, democratic leadership, civic responsibility, good health habits, and an awareness of the importance of physical fitness.

Acknowledging that the school functions within the whole parish community, the administration and staff of the school work cooperatively with the Pastor, Pastoral Council, the School Board, the Faith Formation Department, and the Parent-Teacher Organization to plan and implement programs that reflect the parish and school philosophy. Parents are recognized as the primary educators of their children, and the school makes a special effort to involve parents in the educational process through programs for parents, parent-directed activities, a variety of communication vehicles between parents and teachers, and a parent volunteer program.

Philosophy of Learning

  • We walk the journey together, adult and child, toward realizing the fullness of God's plan and our role in building His Kingdom.

  • Each student is encouraged to view himself as an individual created in God's image, personally redeemed by Christ, possessing unique abilities.

  • We believe that many opportunities should be provided to fulfill our apostolic role and to assume our Christian responsibility to promote social justice through projects in the school, parish and community.

  • At St. Francis of Assisi School, we believe that the parent is the primary educator of the child. We believe that our curriculum should enrich the spirit as well as the mind.

  • We believe that our curriculum should accommodate a diversity of learners and learning styles and that there should be an integration of faith and curriculum.

  • Following the philosophy of St. Francis, we believe that all creation comes from the hand of a loving Father and we, as brothers and sisters to all living things are invited to discover our role in creation, in society, and the church

"How beautiful is a seed—O, God—how beautiful."

St. Francis of Assisi saw in a seed what Jesus saw in people—the becoming, what was yet to be. Our mission to our students stems from our respect for God's desire that each person reach his/her full potential as His child—each one a seed—a promise needing to be fulfilled.

Dr. Tricia Barber, Principal


Dr. Tricia Barber