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Middle School Classroom Curriculum

The middle school literature program takes a genre approach to studying literature. In sixth grade, students study nonfiction and myths, folktales, and legends. The novel and drama are the areas of concentration in seventh grade. In eighth grade, students study short stories and poetry.

All middle school literature students study genre-specific literary terms, and this vocabulary is reinforced through reading and writing. Students also do journal writing on a regular basis. Topics are always centered on the themes of literature that the students are studying. There is also a project connected to each genre. For example, when the sixth grade studies nonfiction, they write biographies of family members. In seventh grade, students work in small groups writing original plays that they perform in front of the class. Eighth graders write a collection of original poems.

The English grammar program concentrates on mechanics. Parts of speech, sentence structure, and punctuation are studied. Concepts are reinforced through oral practice, worksheets, and practice writing.



Mrs Karen Costanzo