Classroom Curriculum

Kindergarten is a time of wonder, awe and learning! It is an exciting time for children and their families and represents a major threshold in a child’s life at a critical stage of development. In Kindergarten, children’s receptivity to new influences and their capacity to learn are at their peak. During this period, they acquire a variety of important skills, knowledge, and attitudes that affect their abilities to learn, their personal development, their relationships with others, and their future participation in society. St. Francis Elementary School is dedicated to nurturing the young child spiritually, academically, physically, socially, and emotionally through a faith-based curriculum in a caring, Catholic environment.

Our Philosophy

The St. Francis Kindergarten philosophy is to provide a loving and caring environment that enhances the spiritual, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of every child through active participation. Learning is a process that each child masters at his or her own developmental pace. It is our goal to work with you to provide your child with a love for learning.


We begin and end each day with prayer. In religion we learn about God's great love for us, that He is always present with us, and that we can always talk with Him through prayer. Many of our activities revolve around the liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent.

The world is a gift from God

  • God loves us
  • We are friends of Jesus
  • We celebrate special days
  • Bible stories
  • Gospel stories
  • Prayers

Language Arts/Reading

Through observation, inquiry, and questioning kindergarteners begin to develop higher order thinking skills crucial to their future academic growth.

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Rhyming words
  • Beginning and ending sounds
  • Blending phonemes
  • Reading color words
  • Number words
  • Sight words
  • Reading strategies
  • Predicting/inferring
  • Decoding
  • Summarizing
  • Cause and effect
  • Comprehension skills
  • Compare and contrast
  • Noting important details
  • Story structure (beginning, middle, and end)
  • Characters and setting
  • Inferences
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Sequence of events
  • Fantasy and realism
  • Vocabulary
  • Concept words
  • Naming words
  • Describing words
  • Action words
  • Rhyming words
  • Singular and plural naming words
  • Writing
  • Drawing and labeling
  • Writing description
  • Journal writing
  • Writing class stories
  • Making books


  • Sorting
  • Geometry and Patterns
  • Positions
  • Numbers to 100
  • Tables, graphs, and fractions
  • Addition readiness
  • Subtraction readiness
  • Money
  • Time
  • Measurement

Social Studies/Science

  • Fall/Johnny Appleseed
  • Seasons and weather
  • Five senses
  • Animals
  • Dinosaurs
  • Solar System
  • Transportation
  • Community helpers
  • Friends and family
  • Under the sea
  • Plants
  • Fire safety

Our kindergarten program also includes snack time, center time, rest time, music, art, Spanish, library, physical education, and computer classes.

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Mrs. Joy Chien


Mrs. Val McWhorter

Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy:
No Peanut/Tree Nut Products in the Classroom.