Fourth Grade

Classroom Curriculum

The fourth grade curriculum builds on skills students have acquired from kindergarten through third grade and masters skills needed to move forward in their academic future. We focus on academics such as writing, reading and math. The students become proficient readers as they read more involved chapter books and academic textbooks. The various literature genres are explored in both the classroom setting and in assignments for home to instill a life long love of the written word. Students use multiple disciplinary formats to learn and reinforce language arts methods. This strengthens their writing and language arts skills that will be used in the fourth grade classroom and in the rest of their learning careers. In math, the students learn higher level math skills to prepare them for more rigorous math concepts in fifth grade and later in the middle school. The fourth grade completes a focused study of our Catholic faith to reinforce that our Lord, Jesus Christ, is an integral part of both our faith and our academic lives.


Mrs. Cathleen Brown


Mrs. Durell Notz