first grade

First Grade

Classroom Curriculum

The First Grade Program recognizes the many different learning styles, visual, tactile, kinesthetic and auditory; and incorporates variety of instruction across the curriculum.¬†Reading is first and foremost the major focus of first grade as it opens a vast world of enjoyment and information. Children learn the language skills that bring meaning to reading. Reading requires an active role and children learn the purpose of reading and incorporate writing activities daily. First graders learn a variety of comprehension strategies. Activating background knowledge and using graphic organizers aids students in comprehension. These strategies are applied during reading and across the curriculum; science and social studies materials. Teachers are aware of diversity in a child’s cognitive development and aid children in their understanding of what they see and hear. First graders are in the middle childhood stage of development and become sustained in real-world activities. Math lessons provide students with a strong number sense and how it applies to real world activities. Use of the interactive board provides children visual, hands-on learning. Most importantly, the classroom is Christ Centered. First grade strives to follow the Golden Rule daily, and treat others the way we want to be treated.

Thanksgiving Prayer Service - Grades 1 and 2


Mrs. Burke


Mrs. Valerie McWhorter

Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy:
No Peanut/Tree Nut Products in the Classroom.