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Campbell’s Labels for Education

The Labels for Education program is a school fundraising program designed with busy families in mind. Schools earn free educational merchandise by saving and redeeming product UPCs from participating products. Keep clipping those UPCs and send them in a bag to St Francis School or leave them in the drop off box at St Francis Church. For more information on the program, go online to


 Giant A+ School Rewards

A+ School Rewards are points that supporters earn with each purchase using their Giant Card. At the end of each month, the A+ School Rewards are used in a calculation to determine the school’s cash total, which is then automatically credited to the school’s account.

As a participating school, St. Francis of Assisi school has been assigned a school code of 02113. Supporters must register their Giant Card every year in order to support the school. Simply go to  and choose the “Register Your Card” option. For additional help, you can also call the A+ School Rewards Hotline at 1-877-275-2758.




Anita McKeone