2017-18 School Forms

Application for Admission

Waive to Object - Photo, Press, Audio, and Electronic Media Release
for Minors
(Preschool - Grade 8)

Telephone Directory
(Preschool - Grade 8)

(Kindergarten - Grade 8)

Milk Order Form (Optional)
(Kindergarten - Grade 8)

St. Clare Extended Day Care Handbook
St. Clare Extended Day Care Registration Form
(Kindergarten - Grade 8)

Computer - Acceptable Use Policy
(Kindergarten - Grade 5)


Computer - Acceptable Use Policy
(Grades 6 - 8)

Preschool Handbook & Preschool Handbook Agreement

K-8 Handbook & K-8 Handbook Agreement
(Kindergarten-Grade 8)


Additionnal Forms:

Parent Permission Form for School Sponsored Trip Participation

Academic Intervention Plan

Certificate of Religious Exemption

Objection to Content Form

Visa Types





Mrs. Shari Phillips
Director of Admissions



Permission for Emergency Care Form
(ALL Students Preschool through Grade 8)

Confidential Health History Update Form

Virginia School Entrance Health Form & Instructions
(NEW Students Preschool
through Grade 8)

Inhaler Authorization Form

Asthma Action Plan

Epinephrine Authorization Form

Allergy Action Plan

Antihistamine Authorization

Diabetes Reference Emergency Plan: Hyperglycemia & Hypoglycemia Form

Diabetes Medical Management Plan Form

Medication Authorization Form
(Not for Epinephrine or Inhaler)